How To Use Fouad WhatsApp APK?

Using Fouad WhatsApp is not a complex task because it works in the same way as the original WhatsApp and other modified forms of WhatsApp work. This tool is uncomplicated and is also quite simple for using. Pressing here and there allow users to effortlessly navigate WhatsApp. To make it clearer and to help you in reducing this stress, we will you how to use Fouad WhatsApp on your android devices. Read and follow the guidelines mentioned below.


1st step: Internet connection is necessary

You will need a stable internet connection to start using this version on your phone. This connection can be a data connection or WiFi connection according to your convenience.

2nd step: Open the app

After downloading the APK file of this version and installing it on your device, open the application.

3rd step: Tap on “agree and continue”

To move further and use it, you must click on agree and continue. Before clicking on this option, read all the privacy policies and rules that are given. After that, you should agree to the term and conditions of privacy.

4th step: Provide the number

When you open the application, they will ask you for a phone number on which you will run this messaging app. You should make sure to insert the correct phone number.

5th step: Enter the code

Then they will send you a code on the number that you will provide. You are supposed to enter that code for verification purposes.

6th step: Allow permission

They will ask you to permit the following:

  • Allow access to the camera
  • Allow access to contacts
  • Permit access to the microphone

7th step: Set profile photo, username, and bio

  • Now, select a picture from the gallery or capture a picture to set it as your display photo.
  • Write the name you want others to read. You can write your own name or anyone else’s name. If you do not want to set a name, you can skip this part.
  • Next, you have the option to write anything in the bio or just let it remain empty.

8th step: Enjoy the messaging

Congrats because now you have reached your desired app and you are allowed to enjoy each feature without any restriction. Message or socialize with anyone. The great news is that you will not be obliged any amount to use it.

Note: If you are already using official WhatsApp and you have the desire to use Fouad WA as well, then you do not require to uninstall the original version because you can use both at a time on the same device. You can run it as your primary or secondary account depending on your preference. Moreover, along with being easy to use, it is safe to use without any security threat.

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