How To Update Fouad WhatsApp APK?

Any application that you run needs update to perform better. Similarly, Fouad WhatsApp demands its users to regularly update it to escape any inconvenience. Therefore, its developers frequently introduce an updated version for the ease of users. Whenever there is an update available for this version, it would be good for users to update it soon. Now, you should not worry about how to update Fouad WA because this is not a complicated or perplexing task. You have to follow the guidelines we have given below and then you will be able to update it without any trouble.


Steps to update Fouad WhatsApp

Step 1: Connect your device with a stable net connection

You must remember that to update the Fouad WhatsApp, you are supposed to connect your phone to stable internet because without internet you can never get this update installed on your phone.

Step 2: Visit the website consistently

After having a connection with the internet, you must visit the site frequently to check if the update is available or not. The Google Play Store will not provide its updated versions because it is a production of 3rd party and they create its updates.

Step 3: Download the APK file of the new version

Whenever you will see that the updated version is available, you have to download the given “APK file” of the latest version. We also provide a safe and latest version of Fouad WhatsApp that is just one click away.

Step 4: Open the file manager of your device

Now, go to the File Manager of your device and open the device storage.
File manager>Device storage

Step 5: Open the “Downloads” section

After opening the device storage, click on the option of Downloads and find the downloaded APK file of the updated form.

File manager>Internal storage>Downloads

Step 6: Open the APK file

When you will search for the APK file and open it, you will be given the option of “Install.”
File manager>Device storage>downloads> Latest APK file

Step 7: Install the updated version

Now, this is the time to install the latest modded update. For that purpose, you have to click on the Install button to get updated features.

Step 8: Wait a few moments

The installation procedure might take a few minutes. Do not interrupt or panic and wait patiently till it is done.

Step 9: Enjoy new features

When you install the update, it will offer you new exciting features. Open the app and cherish them.

Note: If you face any interruption in updating, it would be better to delete the previous version of this application. Furthermore, you are not required to back up after updating. Your previous data will remain as such. But still, you can use the backup feature if you need it at any time.

Stay in touch with us to receive an updated APK file without any charges.

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