Fouad WhatsApp APK Download (Official) Android Latest Version 2022

In this modern era of social media, everyone especially youngsters is well aware of the amazing messaging platform called Fouad WhatsApp APK. Due to its popularity all around the globe, a plethora of modified forms of WhatsApp has been introduced such as FM WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, and many others. Each of them has unique attributes that the original form does not comprise. Everyone particularly those who run a business is very pleased with these versions because of the features that they always wish to have.


Besides business purposes, a percentage of the education system is running with its aid. Students and teachers equivalently use this messaging app. Now, it would not be wrong to say that we cannot process our activities and functions without WhatsApp or its versions. Like other improved forms of WhatsApp, another distinctive version is launched by a third party for WhatsApp users and is named Fouad WhatsApp APK. It has interesting capabilities and details that you would want to use after reading all about this platform.


About the App

The famous messaging or social media application with an improvised and modified form of the original WhatsApp for all android users is none other than Fouad WhatsApp APK. This mod form comprises many unique and additional exciting features such as better customization, boosted privacy settings, and many more, and is named after its developer Fouad Mokdad. It is also said that Yo WhatsApp acts as its foundation or base. The ability to back up and enhanced privacy have made this unique and distinctive from other modded forms of WhatsApp. Now, messaging and calling using FWA has become easier and more convenient. You may interact more privately and elegantly with the assistance of this program. It is developed in a way that you can use official WhatsApp on the same device. This messaging tool is convenient and optimized in any way.

Fouad WhatsApp APK File Details:

App NameFouad WhatsApp APK
App VersionLatest Version (9.45)
File Size53 MB
DeveloperFouad Mokdad
OP SystemAndroid
Required4.4 or up
Last Update1 day ago

Exciting Features

The features and attributes of an application make it reliable and popular among people. If Fouad WA has Millions of users, it means that the application consists of interesting characteristics. Its qualities have stunned its users and convinced them to Use Fouad WhatsApp. So, its features include but are not limited to them.

Hide the “Forwarded” tag

In the original form of WA, when you forward a message, the message shows the label “forwarded.” Now, remove this label using this latest version and forward messages without any tag.

Anti-revoke capability

The useful feature of the Fouad version is that it allows you to read those messages that have been deleted by the sender or any status that the person in your contact list has deleted. So, do not worry about deleted texts and statuses by the sender because of the anti-revoke feature, and read every single message.

Do not disturb mode

Sometimes, you are too busy or just do not want anyone to disturb you. Keeping in view this need of users, the developer has built a DND attribute so that you can turn it ON anytime, and then no one will disturb you by texting or calling on your Fouad WhatsApp.

Multiple themes, emojis, stickers

  • It is human nature that we become fed up with using or watching the same thing on daily basis. The same is the case with the theme of your WhatsApp. Therefore, this version comes with a plethora of themes so that you can change it anytime according to your wish.
  • Collection of amazing emojis that show the emotions of users is introduced for your ease. Crying, laughing, smiling, clapping, handshaking, girls, boys, police, doctors, injections, pills, hearts in different colors, flags of different nations, books, pens, utensils, and many other kinds of emoticons are available for you to use accordingly.
  • A pack of interesting stickers is waiting for you to make your chat more interesting.

Backup feature

The latest version enables you to back up chats and other things of your WA to retrieve previous data. This feature is unique from all other modified forms.

Customization options

  • who can call you
  • who can text you
  • who can view your profile or status
  • hide the “online” label
  • hide your name from the list of viewed status
  • hide last seen
  • hide blue ticks

Message anyone without saving the number

As you all know that while using the original WhatsApp, you cannot directly message someone on WhatsApp whose number is not saved in your contact list. For most of the users, it was a major concern because they do not want to save that number but they have to communicate with them. To resolve this issue, Fouad WhatsApp APK is there because you can chat with anyone without saving a number.

Anti “One-time media” feature

You can watch “one-time media” more than once by using the anti-once media function.

Share and receive high-quality media

Congrats because the quality of the image/video you send or receive will be the best. It will never compromise the quality of your pictures and videos.

Download and copy other’s status

You do not have to download any separate status downloader app because this feature is built into the Fouad version. You can easily copy or download anyone’s status without letting them know about it.

In-built text scheduler

Write the message and set the time at which you want to send it. Because of this attribute, your message will automatically be sent to the person at that exact time. So, this will reduce the bulk of tension in your daily life.

Block incoming calls without blocking contact

Sometimes people constantly irritate you by calling again and again. This might interrupt your important task. At this point, this feature comes in handy to block incoming calls from that person.

Myriads of languages (language translator)

Due to language translators, no one will face a language barrier while communicating with others. Moreover, the Azerbaijani language has also been introduced.

Share more pictures and other media

  • Pictures: Gone are the days when you were permitted to send limited photos at a time. Now, you are allowed to share 90+ images at once.
  • Audio and video clips: Share videos and audio containing larger MBs without any restriction.
  • Status: Now, upload status with more characters and improved video-timing limit. Moreover, write the status using different colors.

Fascinating font styles

Different font sizes and styles such as bold, italics, etc are present for you to write attractively and impress others.

Display “double/blue ticks” after you reply

This demonstrates that the text won’t be marked as read until you answer. Isn’t it beneficial for all users?

Copy other’s status caption

Copying the captions written on others’ statuses is no more a desire because this mod allows you to do this without alerting others.

Download this APK app and then install it on your device.

Other additional/mini features

Having plenty of features to astonish its users, it is gaining popularity among people for WhatsApp users. Other attributes include:

  • Anti-ban and updated version
  • Backup feature to restore content
  • Thousands of customized themes, wallpapers
  • Create voting and poll in groups
  • No requirement to root your phone
  • Simple, user and age-friendly interface
  • Crashes and bugs fixed
  • No subscription is required
  • End-to-end encryption for privacy
  • Auto-reply to text
  • Light and dark modes
  • Set a wallpaper for each contact
  • Users can hide any chat
  • Listen to voice notes in the background after exiting the chat
  • Pin 1000+ conversations easily
  • History and logs feature to keep a record of activities


What are the Advantages?

Several users use it so they may experience better privacy features, while others use it so they can receive various sorts of themes for their WhatsApp accounts. There are numerous pros to this modified tool and that is why it is used all across the globe. A few of its advantages are:

Built-in locker

Rather than downloading an additional locking app, use this version to lock your WhatsApp to secure your chats and data. Set your pin or fingerprint password to implement additional privacy.

Change the voice

When sending a voice note, you always have the option of changing the voice’s sound. There are ten pre-selected sound patterns from which you can choose. Use this skill to conduct practical jokes with your friends and family. To use it, choose a contact, and then pick Voice Changer from the menu that appears when you click the three dots in the chat window’s upper right corner.

Modify the interface

By modifying the themes, backgrounds, and wallpapers, you may customize the entire UI and make it look stunning according to your taste.

Free to download

Another appreciable fact is that it is free to download. Although it is a mod version still we will not ask for even a single penny for installing this.

Unlimited access to all the features

There is no restriction on using any of the modded features. All the users have permission to use any of its features unlimitedly.

Notifies when someone comes online

When a user from your contact list comes active on WA, the app will notify you about it. This is an interesting capability to enjoy.

What are the Disadvantages?

It is an undeniable fact that everything comprises some cons too. Hence, there are some concerns regarding this version that you must be aware of before downloading it. Let’s get them.

  • Might be hazardous for business activities

Businesses and enterprises handle a significant amount of sensitive information, thus it might be unfavorable to their operations.

  • Requires regular update

It demands frequent Updates otherwise it might have a negative influence on your device.

  • Slow in speed

In comparison to the official version, this version is a little slow in functioning.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fouad WhatsApp APK secure or not?

Compared to other WhatsApp modifications, Fouad WhatsApp is excellent, safe, and reliable. Both your device and your account remain secure because it is virus free.

Does it differ from GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp?

The quick answer is yes because it has some unique attributes that make it different from other modified versions. It is the most preferred WhatsApp modification since it is more secure than the rest of other Versions. When you will use it, you will feel some difference between them.

Can I download it on my iPhone?

No, it is not available for iOS yet. Developers have created the version to operate on a PC with an emulator and on Androids with an APK file but not for iPhones. Beware of this face because many people claim that they have a file for iOS but that is just a scam.

Can I be banned if I use Fouad WhatsApp?

As it is not an official application, there are concerns and risks that it might be banned. But the chances of banning are the least because it comes with anti-ban characteristics, so do not worry.

How it differs from the original WhatsApp?

Official WhatsApp lacks a lot of features that Fouad comprises. Several advanced privacy features and customization along with other attributes are absent in the Original version. This is the actual reason why so many modded forms of WhatsApp have been developed. Moreover, you may run both regular WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp on the same device.

Final verdict

Fouad WhatsApp APK is a refined version of the official WhatsApp messenger and it has a pile of sophisticated features including app lock, themes, customization, privacy & security features, and far more. Now, we have mentioned all the necessary information about this messaging app so that you do not have any queries. If you have always searched for such kind of version, then it is the right time for you to have it because it is free to enjoy every advanced feature of it.

Users of the website and Android devices all across the world are demanding this amazing and extremely desirable program. These users are the proof of the reliability of the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp APK. This program will occasionally receive updates that are more beneficial to those who are constantly using this social networking tool. So grab it now and provide us with reviews about it. We are confident that you will enjoy this tool.

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